Photo and Video Services

We can convert many types of media to digital format. In doing so, we’ll be helping you to preserve those precious memories that would otherwise be lost as original copies deteriorate or the machines on which they play wear out and become increasingly difficult to replace.

VHS to DVD Transfer Service
High quality transfer to the DVD format of your choice
Simple pricing per tape (no hidden extras) - £5.00 incl DVD
Transfer video from DV tape to DVD - £7.50 incl DVD

High quality Slide Scanning
Find lost photos and memories you didn't know you had. Just think: no more bulky projectors to view your special memories, instead simple formats that everyone can enjoy.  All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show!
Scanned and checked by hand
30p per slide to a jpeg file
Dust and scratch removal
Minor Blemish retouching
Colour, Contrast and Exposure Correction

E.g. Slide from 1966

e.g. Dust & scratch removal with colour, contrast and exposure correction.

Negative scanning
35mm size negatives only
Correction adjustments as for slides (above)
30p per negative to a jpeg file

Passport Photographs
Passport Photos taken in the comfort of your own home, £8.00 for 4 photographs, you can also have a copy of the jpeg file emailed to you.