If you only renew your car and home insurance every year without finding the best deal, then Time-Makers insurance search service is just for you.
Frequently, customers who only renew their policies each year are not getting the best price.
Did you know that comparison sites like Compare the only search a percentage of the market, or that major companies such as Direct Line and Aviva do not even appear on these sites? We know!
Our search will give you the three cheapest options to help you make a decision.
Simply contact us and we will send you an enquiry form to fill in with your details or you can call us on 01928 725398 and we will collect your renewal notice and work from that.

Car Insurance: £25
Searches 175 companies and brokers including Direct Line and Aviva.

House & Contents Insurance: £30
Searches 105 companies and brokers including Direct Line and Aviva.

Time-Makers also search Holiday, Pet and Mobile Phone Insurance. To find out how we can save you money, call us today on 01928 725398. 

We promise that if we can’t save you money on your insurance quote then Time-Makers won’t charge you a penny!